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Taranto and the Mad Dog

It’s to James Taranto I turn this afternoon; although I typically read him for the entertainment value, there’s usually a solid core in his “Best of the Web” column as well. One of the Mad Dog’s pet memes is the … Continue reading

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Woo-Hoo! It’s the 1% for Me!

No longer need I keep raking in the sweet, sweet blogcash from you, my readers simply to keep myself supplied with the jelly stuff I scrape off of tinned Vienna sausages! I’m headed for Easy Street, or at least Reasonably … Continue reading

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But None Dare Call It Bias

National Assoc. of Scholars Prez Peter Wood had a blog post at the Chronicle of Higher Ed yesterday in which he posts that Ohio State prof Brian McHale invited his colleagues to open their classrooms in the weeks ahead to … Continue reading

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QotD: Early Edition

WaPo blogger Jennifer Rubin explores ten myths about conservatives, and there’s some good stuff there. As a tour down my Facebook feed is filled with many of my academic friends spraying bile like punctured gallbladders, I thought it might be … Continue reading

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Please Let this Be a Joke…

I hope I’m being punked, here. Three-year-old Hunter Spanjer is deaf. He attends a preschool in Grand Island, NE. But there seems to be a problem. When he signs his name, he uses a sign that looks like a gun … Continue reading

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Five Stars, General

Brian Lindenmuth, my editor at Snubnose, posed a question on Facebook yesterday  (and now at his blog) that I thought was interesting: Devils advocate question[…]: If I (this is Brian) paid money for reviews and as a result your books … Continue reading

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A Squirrelly Sunday

I was catching up on my reading around noon when Mrs. M came in, holding her hands in front of her, one atop the other, like an oyster’s shell. But she wasn’t carrying a pearl. What she had was a … Continue reading

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