In Which The Spawn Mourns a Lack of Safe Zones

As I was driving the Spawn to school this morning, she told me that she’s growing increasingly irritated with some of her usual internet haunts. She primarily visits fan art and fan fiction sites, several of which tie into her ongoing obsession with Homestuck — seriously, she digs this thing like my students dug Harry Potter.

However, she reports that several of her favorite writers and artists have either stepped away from their stories altogether or have engaged in severe digression in order to rant about the apocalyptic evil that is the Romney/Ryan ticket. Apparently, this is getting old fast, and the Spawn does not appreciate that these creative types have sold their birthrights for a pot of message. Or as she put it:

“I don’t care what these folks say about politics! Even if I agree with them, that’s not why I go there! I just want to see some clown-shipping [It’s a Homestuck thing — don’t ask.]!”

I told her that sometimes we have to put up with stuff like that, and that creators can use their talent however they wish, but she’s right. Particularly during times of political discord, there’s a need to walk away from all that, like Opus from Bloom County taking a dandelion break.

Artist’s Representation

Sometimes you just want clown-shipping.

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2 Responses to In Which The Spawn Mourns a Lack of Safe Zones

  1. bluesun says:

    There’s a wise saying I once heard on the internet (yes, they do exist, though they are very rare) that goes like this: “DANCE, MONKEY, DANCE!” If you just repeat that to yourself every time you see one of your favorite directors/actors/musicians/etc talking about their latest endorsement, it makes the actual art that you like them for more palatable.

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