QotD: Early Edition

WaPo blogger Jennifer Rubin explores ten myths about conservatives, and there’s some good stuff there. As a tour down my Facebook feed is filled with many of my academic friends spraying bile like punctured gallbladders, I thought it might be useful to share a couple of bits from Rubin’s post as counterpoint.

President Obama likes to say that Republicans want everyone to be “on his own.” In fact, conservatives, as Romney put it in a speech at Liberty University this year, believe family, communities, churches and other civil institutions are critical building blocks in society. They favor investing authority in the level of government closest to the people (locales and states), which they believe is most responsive and governs best. Republicans look upon some liberal statist schemes as both ineffective and destructive of those critical civil institutions.

[…] Liberals tend to equate the amount the federal government spends on the poor with concern for the poor. Liberals are also suspicious of the free market. Conservatives think exactly the opposite and point to welfare reform as the greatest social program enabling people to move from the dole to self-sufficiency.

Give it a read.

A tip of the Mondo Mortarboard to the ONT at Ace’s.


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