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A Brief Observation

Citing personal reasons, the president of the University of Cincinnati abruptly resigned a few days back. As a former resident of the Greater Cincinnati area and an academic, I found this of passing interest, but what really caught my eye … Continue reading

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In Which the Spawn Shows About As Much Protective Coloration As Her Dad Had At That Age

So, it’s the third day of classes at Mondoville High. In Bio, the Spawn finishes her work and sits reading “The Shadow Over Innsmouth.” Her teacher notices that her book (a Lovecraft collection) has a rather grim cover, and says, … Continue reading

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QotD: PJO Edition

On Monday, Jay Nordlinger mentioned an encounter he had during his recent trip to the Salzburg Festival: Shortly after I get to Salzburg, I meet a member of the beautiful set — a natty, quick-tongued Euro. He says, “Who’s going … Continue reading

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In Which The Spawn Mourns a Lack of Safe Zones

As I was driving the Spawn to school this morning, she told me that she’s growing increasingly irritated with some of her usual internet haunts. She primarily visits fan art and fan fiction sites, several of which tie into her … Continue reading

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A Quick Update

I mentioned the Fight Card series of boxing pulp stories the other day. As it turns out, they’ve just launched a website that accompanies the project. You can find it here.

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Blue Mud, or the Dubious Virtues of Hipness

Noted Wise Old Man Robert A. Heinlein observed that the most essential survival skill may be knowing to rub blue mud in one’s navel when everyone else does. But if the blue mud turns out to be poisonous, it may … Continue reading

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You Can’t Say “Gross Malfeasance” Without “GM”

…and you can’t say GM without mentioning the Obama administration, which holds about a quarter of the troubled automaker’s stock. You’ll recall that the government intervened in order to (depending on who one asks) save the company or pay back … Continue reading

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Watching A Train Wreck

The first time I ever used the Web was at Dennis Cossens’s house in Ft. Thomas, KY, so I guess it was the early or mid-1990s. One of the first sites I checked out was for a Canadian band I … Continue reading

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As I’ve said, my entry into the world of small-press noir has had the bonus of turning me on to some darned good writing. In particular, two works I’ve read in the past couple of days manage to capture the … Continue reading

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Yeah, I Laughed

Kudos to those lovable, wacky kids at Reason.

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