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I May Require an Intervention

In celebration of my having completed 47 trips round the sun, I dropped $100 this morning on TeenBeat Mayhem, a book I have mentioned on a prior occasion. I also received a lovely hand-drawn card from the Spawn, a chocolate … Continue reading

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If You’re Really Bored…

I’ll be giving a brief lecture on garage rock at 4 p.m. this afternoon. It will be webcast here — click the “Faculty Lecture Series” link at right. Time to cure that insomnia once and for all.

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Apropos of Nothing in Particular

I just learned that Randall Jarrell attended the same high school as my mom and dad, my paternal grandfather, and my great-grandfather of that line (Also, Bettie Page, but that’s another post, I guess.) In particular, Jarrell would have been … Continue reading

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In Which the Prof is Initiated Into a Strange Subculture

I went to my first marching band competition yesterday, over at Mondoville High. Because the Spawn’s band was hosting, they didn’t compete, but did perform — which is why I went. The Spawn also acted as a hostess/guide for one … Continue reading

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I’m So Glad These Clowns Have Nukes…

Pakistan’s foreign minister says the US should reconsider this whole Freedom of Speech thing: “It is not good enough to say it’s free speech, it should be allowed. I think if this does provoke action against American citizens or Americans … Continue reading

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Dear Leader

This: and this: So, this:

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QotD: A Word on Seduction

Today’s QotD comes from Jim Geraghty’s Morning Jolt e-newsletter, and the subject is the fact that it’s always easy to win as the Free Ice Cream candidate: Credit the Left; they have a fantastically seductive message — “Hey, come on … Continue reading

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