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Another Quickie

It would appear that Daryl Johnson, author of Right-Wing Resurgence, never took a Freshman Comp course at Mondoville. Jesse Walker explains at Reason.

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A Rerun for Halloween

Got my computer back late yesterday, but I’m crazy busy, so here’s something I wrote a couple of years ago that seems seasonally appropriate. Hope you like it, and thans for dropping by! The Zomby’s Prologue and Tale And wyth … Continue reading

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In Which the Prof Bites His Tongue

As part of Mondoville’s accreditation process, we developed a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), an effort to improve some aspect of  Mondoville education. In particular (and in keeping with our church affiliation), we are attempting to help our students develop skills … Continue reading

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A Quick Post from a Borrowed Machine

My computer has gone on the fritz, so I’ve borrowed Mrs. M’s for this post, and blogging may be intermittent for the next few days. Today concluded the Spawn’s marching season, with a performance at the State Championship this afternoon. … Continue reading

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“Where I Learned to Lie, Cheat, and Steal”

Nothing is better than a game of Monopoly among friends on a Saturday Night… if what you want is interminable dice rolling, a slowly building frustration as your properties get skipped over, and eventual rancor — after all, the object … Continue reading

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Quel Dommage!

I’m no one’s idea of a polyglot. My “reading languages” in grad school were French and German (although I’ve pretty much forgotten the latter), and I had two years of Latin in high school, which I’ve supplemented on my own … Continue reading

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The Spawn is considering trying out for something called Winter Guard, which I suspect is similar to what we called drill team back in the halcyon days of my youth. She is conflicted about it: worried that she may not … Continue reading

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