A Quick Post from a Borrowed Machine

My computer has gone on the fritz, so I’ve borrowed Mrs. M’s for this post, and blogging may be intermittent for the next few days.

Today concluded the Spawn’s marching season, with a performance at the State Championship this afternoon. The kids tried hard, but their experience caught up with them and they finished 16th. Nonetheless, the band had outperformed all our preseason expectations, so they were winners going in.

The Spawn’s event was marred, however, by a well intentioned gesture gone wrong. After the performance, all the kids received snack bags that had been sent by the Mondoville district office. That was fine, but the fact that the bags were filled with peanut-based products wasn’t. The Spawn is violently allergic to peanuts, and the goodie bags meant that all of her bandmates were now contaminated. She didn’t react physically, but she was concerned enough about the risk of exposure that she considered skipping the awards ceremony. Because Mrs. M and I were there, and because the Spawn had both her rescue meds, and because there were paramedics there if needed (God forbid), she went ahead and stood with her band for the awards ceremony, but came directly home with me afterwards, instead of going to the celebratory dinner and taking the bus home with the rest of the kids. That — the fact that she can’t enjoy some of the activities that are par for the course for most kids — grieves her a great deal, and therefore grieves me as well. Compounding this was the fact that the Spawn’s allergy is no secret — there are emergency plans on file at her school, and there have been for years. That just makes the fact that someone overlooked this and essentially forced her to miss out on what should have been a celebratory occasion that much more galling.

What’s worse is that she’s almost used to it. But at 15, fitting in is a very big deal, so it hurt. Still, she’s home now, waiting for dinner, and looking forward to trying out for Winter Guard before long. And even in 16th place, she’s a winner.

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2 Responses to A Quick Post from a Borrowed Machine

  1. GG84Mom says:

    I thought all schools had banned peanuts…and balloons. I’m sorry your girl had a rough ending to her special day.

  2. Linda Roberts says:

    I, too, am sorry that her day ended so badly; especially as it due to a situation that could have been (should have been) avoided. However, she reacted in a mature and commendable manner.

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