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Stay Classy, Guys…

An MSNBC audience booed a nine-year-old girl today for saying she thinks Romney should win the election. However, a hat tip does go to Morning Joe co-host Willie Geist for chastising the crowd.

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An Awkward Moment

The Freshpeeps are beginning an assignment in which they are to write a proposal for a memorial of some disaster/atrocity/other unpleasantness — the usual things one memorializes. This is an assignment across all the Comp I sections. Heaven knows there’s … Continue reading

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You May Now Hiss the Villain

Like the narrator of Byron’s Don Juan, this age seems to lack a hero, despite the best efforts of the popular culture to produce some (a process that tends to substitute mere celebrity for heroism). And in fact, I suspect … Continue reading

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Well, It Is Nearly Halloween

Caitlin Doughty is a graduate of the U of Chicago, with a degree in medieval history. She is also a licensed mortician in California, and the proprietor of a site called The Order of the Good Death, which (per its … Continue reading

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Rx? Rh!

According to Mother Jones (the Mad Dog’s favorite media outlet), a recent study suggests that when elderly mice receive the blood of younger mice, the effects of aging can be diminished or even reversed. Elizabeth Bathory was unavailable for comment.

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The Afternoon After a Very Long (But Good) Day

After spending a few days in Nashville, I headed back toward Mondoville yesterday, and made it most of the way before midnight. Of course, given that I started well before noon and it’s only a 6.5-hour drive… You see, yesterday … Continue reading

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On the Road and Reading

I’m doing a bit of traveling during my fall break, visiting family and friends and doing a bit of reading during the downtime. But while I’m at it, I want to tell you about another book you should add to … Continue reading

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