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Another Sort of Cliff

When does a safety net become a hammock? When it becomes a disincentive to get up. And that brings us to the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, whose director informs us (via the AEI, via Powerline) that single moms making … Continue reading

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Too Much, Too Soon

It’s 29 November, and the student manager of the college radio station has gone to wall-to-wall Christmas music. I see much more CD and online listening in my future for the next three weeks or so.

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QotD: I Reckon They’d Know Edition

Pravda on Obama’s re-election, with a quote attributed to Vladimir Putin: The second possible mistake would be excessive interference into the economic life of the country and the absolute faith into the all-mightiness of the state. There are no grounds … Continue reading

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Brown Study

I was one of Allen’s first professors at Mondoville — he was one of my freshpeeps. I was also one of his last professors at Mondoville, teaching a couple of creative writing workshops he took as part of a minor … Continue reading

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A Stolen Moment or Two

My computer crashed Tuesday Night, leaving me essentially blogless. However, Mrs.has gone out to alleviate some cabin fever, leaving her computer available, so here we are. It’s been quiet here for the past couple of days. The plan had been … Continue reading

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A Bit Close to Home

The Toronto Star reports this morning that Eric and Sade-Lea Tekoniemi bought what they thought was their dream home in Bowmanville, ON, last year, only to learn that it had been the site of a double murder in 1996, when … Continue reading

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How Twigs Get Bent: Happy Birthday…

… to National Review, which turns 57 today. I can’t remember if I was in high school or undergrad when I started reading it, but it was probably the latter — I’m pretty sure my high school didn’t carry it, … Continue reading

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From the Belly of the Beast

I’ve talked before about the mix of pleasure and guilt I derive from college sports. All too often, they’re the tail that wags the dog, whether because of TV and licensing money at the higher levels or because of the … Continue reading

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People of God, But Still People

I read an article on CNN this morning about a father and son who are ministers, and who have had their own crises — in particular, familial crises, along the way. It’s a story of how painful love can be, … Continue reading

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Credit Where It’s Due

I’m not a  fan of Lady Gaga, because I’m not particularly into dance music. But as a fan of surf music, I’ve got to admit that her recent hairstyle is pretty cool. Gives “Shooting the Curl” a whole different meaning. … Continue reading

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