There’s No Place Like Foam

One of the visual centerpieces at Mondoville College is a fountain at the center of a traffic circle between the admin building and the football stadium. Fountains being fountains and college students being college students, every few years some of the kids will dump soap into the fountain for sudstastic fun. Well, they outdid themselves this year.

Good Clean Fun

You will notice an uneven foam distribution, with the suds piling higher on the fountain’s southwest quadrant. This is due to a bit of a crossbreeze, which had scattered wads of foam across campus and down one of Mondoville’s main drags as I drove the Spawn to school this morning around 7:15. During my 9:15 class, I saw occasional students looking out the window as football-sized soap clouds traveled tumbleweed-style down campus sidewalks. On my Facebook page, a neighbor reported that her toddlers saw the fountain and wanted to bathe.

There’s no great meaning to this, but seeing it brought a smile to my face, and it’s one of the moments that reminds me that Mondoville is a pleasant place to work.


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One Response to There’s No Place Like Foam

  1. Sandy says:

    I remember the very first time I saw this several years ago, I laughed so hard I cried. Another time, the students dumped a bunch of soap and green food coloring into the fountain for St. Patrick’s Day and the campus was filled with fluffy green suds. That was spectacular.

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