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From the Belly of the Beast

I’ve talked before about the mix of pleasure and guilt I derive from college sports. All too often, they’re the tail that wags the dog, whether because of TV and licensing money at the higher levels or because of the … Continue reading

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People of God, But Still People

I read an article on CNN this morning about a father and son who are ministers, and who have had their own crises — in particular, familial crises, along the way. It’s a story of how painful love can be, … Continue reading

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Credit Where It’s Due

I’m not a  fan of Lady Gaga, because I’m not particularly into dance music. But as a fan of surf music, I’ve got to admit that her recent hairstyle is pretty cool. Gives “Shooting the Curl” a whole different meaning. … Continue reading

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The Name of the Game of the Name

Genesis 2:20 refers to Adam’s naming of the creatures of his world, and while that was some time back, we all have our Adamic moments, naming the creatures of our world. Our children, our pets, bands, personified possessions — naming … Continue reading

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QotD: Through Being Cool Edition

I’ve never been cool, and I’ve known this pretty much all my life. If I had any doubts, my peers in school made it abundantly clear, often in ways that would now fall under the heading of bullying — but … Continue reading

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I Knew There was Something

Soul-deadening about my job at the magazine before I went back for the Ph.D. No, it wasn’t that I once had to write a six-page story about… tables. (Nearly got me fired, because I couldn’t think of anything to say … Continue reading

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Things that Occur to Me in the Shower

Borges’s “The Secret Miracle” is the happy version of Bierce’s “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge.” And since Christopher Nolan claims the Borges story was an inspiration for Inception, that makes the movie Bierce’s intellectual grandson.

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