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Glance in the Rearview, Look Down the Road

So the sun has set, and in about five hours, fireworks will flash above Mondoville’s main tourist attraction, and 2012 will go into the books. I’m sitting in the Spackle Manor living room, as garage rock plays on the computer … Continue reading

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And Speaking of Sentimentality…

At City Journal, the Venerable Dalrymple examines two memoirs that involve serial murder. One is written by a killer’s sister (who was very nearly a victim herself), the other, later one, by a victim’s sister. The attitudes expressed in the … Continue reading

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Threshold Shift

Although I’m 47, my ears seem considerably older, the result of decades of playing drums and sitting next to amplifiers. It’s the cumulative effect of nerve-damaging volume, a kind of callusing of the ears. It’s an accelerated version of the … Continue reading

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Potpourri for 400, Alex

A bit of this and that as the break continues… Finished my Spring syllabus work yesterday, which clears the decks for this week’s recording session in Greenville — in fact, I have what may be the last rehearsal before the … Continue reading

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Mondoville, Beware

You have been warned. That is all.

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Ray Collins, R.I.P.

One of the more important lessons I learned over the years was that it was OK to be a weirdo — that is, that if I wasn’t harming someone else, and if I was willing to accept the consequences of … Continue reading

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The Withering Away of the State

… or at least the small town. I’ve mentioned before that my Dad was the mayor of our small Northern Kentucky city for twenty years, and served part-time as city administrator even after he passed the gavel along, holding that … Continue reading

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Road Hazards

“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?” The Shadow, of course, but also Clemson student Nathan Weaver. Weaver is interested in the declining box turtle population in this part of the country (Clemson is about 90 min. … Continue reading

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QotD: Shameless Colleague Promotion Edition

And yes, that adjective may modify either of the first two nouns. I’ve mentioned my buddy John Carenen before, with particular regard to his blog and his new novel, (the sequel to which is under construction. Such industry!) Well, today’s … Continue reading

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Christmas from the Garage

I hope the day brings you everything you could want. And here’s some background music! Merry Christmas — God bless us, every one.

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