Mondoville in the News

I never thought I’d see my employer mentioned (even in a snarky way) by the Atlantic (unless it was a reference to our most famous alum), but we’re there these days, having launched a new major in Social Media.

I’m bracing myself for the continuing onslaught of “majoring in Facebook” jokes, but I’m not entirely sure this is a bad thing. One of the points I raised during the adoption process was that this can’t just be a software-of-the-week thing, and with courses from our comm, psych, and math departments (as well as design courses and some consideration of rhetoric in what Fr. Walter Ong might have called a post-literate culture), I’m pretty satisfied with what we’ve put together.

My natural conservatism reminds me that those who get in on the ground floor are often swept out by the janitorial staff, but we’ve got good people working on this, and I hope we get a fair chance. (And if we get to drop some Aristotle and Kenneth Burke on them as well, I’m OK with that too.)


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2 Responses to Mondoville in the News

  1. kdhall61 says:

    Very interesting, Prof. Mondo.

    As an erstwhile marketing professor, I tend to look at social media as another means (albeit an important one, and becoming more so by the month) to the end of making the case that the product/service/experience/etc. we’re offering in exchange is different from and better than any alternative solution to a given exchange partner’s need/want/problem (that’s what marketing is, boiled down to one unwieldy sentence). Your outfit’s curriculum suggests a broader view, and I’ll want to pay close attention to what you’re doing. Thanks for sharing this, and a Merry Christmas and all the blessings of the season to you and yours.

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