QotD: Is Anyone Even Paying Attention?

In an ongoing discussion at A&J, Jeff Sypeck has made a piercing observation.

I just walked past the TV to see that Anderson Cooper is featuring a choir whose members are holding signs with names of the victims [of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary] while singing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” [This may have been a rerun of the bit from the TV show “The Voice”, which I’ve seen excerpted elsewhere. — Prof. M] –which is apparently, despite its wildly inappropriate lyrics, now our agreed-upon secular hymn for murdered children. I’m not sure a society that doesn’t even listen to its own songs is in a good position to discern its own pathologies.

Said wildly inappropriate lyrics may be found here. Jeff’s right.


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3 Responses to QotD: Is Anyone Even Paying Attention?

  1. GG84Mom says:

    I don’t get it. What is the connection between the lyrics and anything related to children, much less a child-massacre. The tune is haunting–is that the connection??

  2. Withywindle says:

    It has the word “hallelujah,” so they think it’s a hymn, and therefore appropriate.

  3. Robbo says:

    There’s a story about a Royal Navy admiral who retired to Malta, where he built a cottage on a cliff overlooking the channel approaching the port (the channel is a particularly tricky one). There he would sit with his telescope watching the ships moving in and out. He also installed a flag pole, on which he would run up signal flags criticizing the seamanship of the sailors attempting to navigate the fairway. The admiral’s scathing comments became quite notorious within the RN’s officer corps.

    One day, a young ensign was making his first attempt at piloting a ship into Malta and was making a true pig’s breakfast of it. Nervously, he glanced up at the clifftop, knowing that the admiral’s eye was on him. Suddenly he saw a flag break out on the pole. Snatching a telescope, he made out the signal, “Good”.

    Before the young ensign could react to this unexpected signal, he saw a second hoist break out. It read, “Add to my first – God”.

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