Potpourri for 400, Alex

A bit of this and that as the break continues…

Finished my Spring syllabus work yesterday, which clears the decks for this week’s recording session in Greenville — in fact, I have what may be the last rehearsal before the session in a bit less than two hours. The new semester starts in 10 days, and while I’m teaching courses I’ve taught before, there are always new wrinkles and new material to consider. Of course, when I write a syllabus, I think of Mike Tyson’s line: “Everyone has a plan ’til they get hit in the mouth.” Some terms I stay even with the syllabus through the semester — more frequently, I wind up a day or a few days behind by the end of the term. And even when I make it through, I always feel that there is so much more I could say. Even so, there’s a small satisfaction in having the plan written down.

As I said, this week I’m focusing on music. The Berries are returning to Sit-N-Spin Studios, with the intention of tracking a 12-song album in two days. I’m reminded of the line from All You Need Is Cash: “The Rutles’ first album was recorded in 24 hours. The second took even longer.” I balance it with the wisdom of Pete Townshend: “If you steer clear of quality, you’re all right.” Doubtless we will. So later this week, if the studio’s wi-fi is working, various studio diaries may be posted here or at the Berries’ site. Also, it looks like we’ll be doing another show in Real City in early February. Maybe we can have some product by then.

In other creative endeavors, it appears that Broken Glass Waltzes will also be released in February. Obviously, more on that as it develops.

Finally, I’ve talked from time to time about Young Adult fiction, generally in the context of what the Spawn reads either on her own or under scholastic duress. Miss Self-Important has things to say on the topic that may be worth your time.

And now, back to the weekend.

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Dad, husband, mostly free individual, medievalist, writer, and drummer. "Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."
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