In Which the Prof Considers the Ramifications of Expanding a Reason Into A General Case

I’ve heard a number of people argue that because current firearms capabilities exceed those available at the Founding, we should consider the Second Amendment to be essentially obsolete. In that spirit, a couple of quick questions:

Radio, television, and the Internet are relatively recent developments. Should these be exempted from the First Amendment?

The Air Force didn’t exist until 1948. While the Bill of Rights notes that we may not be forced to quarter soldiers (and since there were sailors in the 18th C., we’ll count them as well), should we in fact be obligated to house airmen?

I’m just wondering, seeing as apparently some of our rights came with expiry dates. I figure a clarification may be in order.


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One Response to In Which the Prof Considers the Ramifications of Expanding a Reason Into A General Case

  1. Jeff says:

    That’s one of their logical fallacies. Another argument, not a logical problem, just a false assertion, is that Madison, under pressure from Mason and Henry, (dunno why they don’t toss Jefferson and Washington under the history revisionist’s bus, too) put the second amendment in to make sure their slave hunting militias in Virginia and the southern states weren’t abolished by federal action. But you can go to Yale University’s Avalon project and find the proposed Pennsylvania state constitution and it’s Bill of Rights, from Sept 1776, with the right to bear arms mentioned twice in the first twelve rights. Once as a “right to self defence”. Shows the right being referenced more than a decade prior to Madison’s efforts.

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