Hmm… Maybe For Next Spring?

At one point, W.H. Auden was an instructor at the U of Michigan. The undergrad-level course (which met for two hours a week over a single semester) was titled “Fate and the Individual in European Literature.” The New York Daily News has published a copy of the reading list from Auden’s syllabus. It’s not too shabby:

Auden Syllabus

Well, it was an upper-level undergrad course. Still, a roughly 6-kilopage reading load is pretty impressive. I may bust this out the next time my kids gripe about their assignments.

A tip of the Mondo Mortarboard to colleague and friend Marilyn Dallman Seymour, via Facebook.

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4 Responses to Hmm… Maybe For Next Spring?

  1. I wonder why Goethe and Adams got omitted.

  2. Alpheus says:

    Wait…this a syllabus? Where’s the section on “Course Objectives”? Where’s the disability policy? Where’s the section explaining that students aren’t allowed to plagiarize?

    Quite honestly, I do pine for the day of the one- or two-page syllabus. My bad students don’t seem to read my syllabi, and my good students don’t need most of what I feel obligated to include.

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