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Geniuses Among Us

A few years ago, Chicago real estate developer and history buff dropped $380 at auction on a box of undeveloped negatives by an unknown amateur photographer. What he discovered astonished him. He had come into possession of some extraordinary street … Continue reading

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Shadow Morton, R.I.P.

Producer/composer George “Shadow” Morton, most known for his work with the Shangri-Las, Janis Ian, and the New York Dolls, died yesterday at the age of 72. Although he’ll always be remembered for tracks like “Remember (Walking in the Sand)“, “Leader … Continue reading

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Ready for My Close-Up?

Last night I screened Sunset Boulevard for my film class. As always, I was dazzled by the bravery of Gloria Swanson in playing the role — it would have been too close for comfort for many performers in her situation. … Continue reading

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And Now, A Bit From the Spawn

Because she’s concentrating on art in her high school studies (along with as close as Mondoville can provide to a College Prep curriculum), the Spawn is studying ceramics/pottery this year. She prefers 2-D media, but I get a kick out … Continue reading

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See You In Court, Doc!

A former graduate student at Lehigh has sued the university, claiming that an unjust grade of C+ prevented her from achieving the degree (and therefore the career) that she wanted. For an extra frisson of unpleasantness, the plaintiff’s dad is … Continue reading

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Feeling A Bit Full…

Found a letter in my campus mailbox this morning, informing me that the Mondoville Board of Trustees has approved my promotion from Associate to full Professor of English, effective with the coming Fall semester. As I told the kids in … Continue reading

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So What’s Up in Berries Activity?

Glad you asked! My report on the weekend is here. Hope you drop by!

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Soundalike Saturday

One of the things that tickles me about the garage rock scene was the tendency for groups to file the serial numbers off songs they liked and turn them into new material. One of the classic examples of this was … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, on the Damascus Road…

Megan Phelps-Roper, 27, and her sister Grace are remarkably brave young women. They have walked away from the Westboro Baptist Church (which also meant walking away from their families and the only lives they’ve ever known) and are trying to … Continue reading

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In Which the Prof Gets a Bit of Media Exposure

A few days back, I mentioned that the college paper (and by extension, the local paper), was running a story on the novels that John Carenen and I have written. You may find the story (and a lovely shot of … Continue reading

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