Today Would Have Been

Timothy Carey‘s 84th birthday. By all accounts, he was both brilliant and nearly impossible to control — Marlon Brando reportedly was so frustrated during the making of One-Eyed Jacks (which Marlon directed) that he stabbed Carey with a pencil. Elia Kazan also physically attacked Carey on set. But under the right conditions, Carey was a jittery heavy who could steal every scene. First of all, here’s a sequence from Stanley Kubrick*’s The Killing:

Here’s one from Bayou (also released as Poor White Trash), a movie described as “a grindhouse Gone with the Wind”, and one of Carey’s few leads.

And finally, from his self-produced and self-directed psychotronic film (with music composed by a young Frank Zappa), The World’s Greatest Sinner.

Happy birthday, wherever you went, Mr. Carey.

*Jim Thompson wrote parts of the screenplay, but Kubrick squeezed him out of his due, crediting him only with additional dialogue.


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