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Why We Can’t Have Nice Things…

Sometimes things appear to be beautiful and a Really Good Idea until you actually commit to them, at which point you find that you’re in a world of danger and may not escape with your life, limbs or sanity. This … Continue reading

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Seasonal Anticipation

For the last few days, as the Spawn and I have traveled to and from Mondoville High, we’ve noticed the marquee at the Burger King, which sits across from the school. All week, it has informed us that the “Festival … Continue reading

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Two Data Points Do Not Make a Trend…

… but they do allow us to construct a line. Point one: Over at the Gormogons, Ghettoputer reports the following passage from his local school district’s recent budget presentation: “The educational paradigm has shifted from guaranteeing universal access to guaranteeing … Continue reading

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I Blog of Arms and the Knight…

My specialty is medieval literature, not history per se, but occasionally Mondoville kids (and a few adults) will approach me with questions about anything connected to the Middle Ages, and a large proportion of those questions relate to combat in … Continue reading

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Politics Ain’t Rocket Science — Or Any Other Kind

At Reason on Friday, Ronald Bailey examines (among other things) the myth that one side or another of the ongoing political struggle is grounded in science, while their opposite numbers are so many benighted troglodytes. It turns out that neither … Continue reading

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A Small Piece of Lovely Melancholy

Withy is reading to his young’n, and wonders how much it matters: […T]he America-that-was that I love so much chose to become the America-that-is, so deeply regrettable–chose, and no amount of Culture War theorizing, or even Our Country was Immigrated … Continue reading

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Garage Going-On

You’ll find a report on the latest Berries-related activity at the band’s blog. Swing by!

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