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On Anniversaries

Today is my third bloggiversary, which I’m observing during breaks in Gradeapalooza and a multi-day process of interviewing candidates for department chair (and the candidates are welcome to it. I’ve had people ask me if I wanted that gig, and … Continue reading

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Goodbye, George Jones.

The man Gram Parsons named as his favorite poet has died at the age of 81. I suspect that he was probably surprised to have lasted that long himself. But he leaves quite a legacy. I’ll always associate “the Possum” … Continue reading

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QotD: Shakespearean Edition

In a review of “the Scottish play” (you know, that one about the guy Malcolm III replaced), Ron Rosenbaum at Slate examines a concept I’ve discussed before — the difficulty of calling evil by its right name in a materialistic, … Continue reading

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A Chance at Kindness

My dad read a lot, nursing a book-a-day jones for most of his life. There were quite a few authors he enjoyed a great deal, but if you pressed him for a favorite, he typically would choose Roger Zelazny. When … Continue reading

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Come for the Debauchery! Stay for… Well, the Debauchery!

From a student journal: [Freshman Dormitory] is like high school, with an unlimited supply of booze, dope, and condoms. I’m torn between being appalled and forwarding this to our admissions office for inclusion in future brochures.

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Goodbye, Mrs. Frankweiler

Although I had free run of my dad’s bookshelves and the adult section of the public library when I was a kid, I certainly tucked into my share of kidlit as well. Through my grade school library, I dove into … Continue reading

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An Observation…

One of my reliably liberal Facebook friends just posted the following. While it doesn’t specifically mention the Boston bombers, I can’t help but suspect that’s what prompted her post: I can’t stand ignorance! You can’t punish a whole group of … Continue reading

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Still Here…

No, I haven’t forgotten about the blog — I’ve just been swamped. Gradeapalooza continues apace; I finished the research papers from my freshpeeps last night. I’ve got my Seven Deadlies papers on deck for tomorrow, but I’m taking today off. … Continue reading

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A Few Words From the Late Michael Been

One of favorite bands from the 1980s was The Call, and when Michael Been, the band’s principal writer and vocalist, died a couple of years back, I wrote a brief remembrance. Given today’s events in Boston, I found myself thinking … Continue reading

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We Interrupt This Gradeapalooza…

… to think about writerly stuff (as I try to purge my memory of the research paper I graded this afternoon that was done in Comic Sans — it’s like they want my head to explode.) As you may know, … Continue reading

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