QotD: Intellectual Diversity Edition

Yale’s Sterling Professor of classics and history Donald Kagan is hanging up his spikes after a 44-year run at old Eli’s place. The magazine section of Yale Daily News features a very nice profile of Prof. Kagan, including today’s quote:

Before the Cornell incident and burgeoning unrest at Yale, Kagan was a self-described “FDR-style, New Deal Democrat.” As anti-war aggression spread like wildfire, however, his views would shift sharply right, culminating in the neoconservatism that defines him today. Even then, it was an unpopular torch to carry at Yale, but, as Kagan puts it, a “necessary” one.

“A proper American institution needs a strong balance of ideas,” he says with a smile. “And to get there, you have to cause a stir now and then.”

And he has been willing to do that over the course of his career, as the article reveals. Thanks, Prof. Kagan — enjoy your retirement.

A tip of the Mondo Mortarboard to Jay Nordlinger at NRO.


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