A Chance at Kindness

My dad read a lot, nursing a book-a-day jones for most of his life. There were quite a few authors he enjoyed a great deal, but if you pressed him for a favorite, he typically would choose Roger Zelazny. When the author died (of the same sort of cancer my dad beat three times), Dad was bothered for a couple of weeks. Two weeks before Dad died, he sent me a copy of Zelazny’s last book, A Night In the Lonesome October.

As I’ve made my way into the world of small press fiction, I came across the work of Roger’s son, Trent. He is a remarkably talented writer as well. However, he’s taken  his share of body blows over the years, and is struggling to get by.

Specifically, he is having severe dental problems and is uninsured. These problems are damaging his overall health, and the complications may indeed be life-threatening. His sister has turned to the public for help:

Trent has seen both his dentist and an oral surgeon in regards to this matter. Both professionals agree that no less than 13 teeth need to be extracted immediately to prevent further damage. This is not including root canals, additional fillings, implants, and any other surgeries that could very well transpire as a result of this.

[…] The extractions alone will cost about $5,000, and this does not include anything else mentioned above.

Times are hard for everyone, of course. But if you can help Mr. Zelazny out, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to do. You wouldn’t just be tossing cash into some sort of government bureaucracy. You’ll be helping a specific someone with a lot of stories left to tell. And if you can’t do that, at least consider buying some of his work. It’ll be worth your money and your reading time, and it’ll do some good as well.

Thanks for thinking about it.

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