Come for the Debauchery! Stay for… Well, the Debauchery!

From a student journal:

[Freshman Dormitory] is like high school, with an unlimited supply of booze, dope, and condoms.

I’m torn between being appalled and forwarding this to our admissions office for inclusion in future brochures.

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2 Responses to Come for the Debauchery! Stay for… Well, the Debauchery!

  1. BEvans says:

    The way that’s written, it reads like s/he’s saying s/he also had an unlimited supply of fun stuff in HS, too, and this is just a continuation of that.

    Think s/he meant to write “[Freshman Dormitory] is like high school, *but* with an unlimited supply of booze, dope, and condoms” instead?

  2. Javahead says:

    Nothing really new about this, though. Some of my classmates could have written the same thing when I was in college (late 70’s). I never was really wild myself, but I admit to taunting my RA by decorating my room with a collection of (empty) imported beer bottles (legally purchased and consumed off-campus). And there was a friend, an honor-student physics major who dropped LSD (because, he claimed, it helped him better understand modern physics). Then there was the time . . . OK. Well, I wasn’t cutting a swathe through the ladies back then. More seriously, everyone knew that they could buy anything illicit they wanted with little effort. And if the modern hookup culture hadn’t developed this was still years before AIDs reared its head – everyone *knew* that STDs could be cured with antibiotics.

    Our younger daughter is a CA (UC Santa Cruz speak for what most schools call an RA) . The dorm & floor that she’s responsible for is one of the quieter ones (4th floor, no elevators – amazing how it cuts down the visitors) but she always has new amusing/appalling stories to tell us each time we talk: The girl who was highly offended when her roommates told her that the did *not* want her smoking pot or drinking in their room while they were studying. The girl who routinely needed to be walked up and down the hallway by friends to sober her up enough they could safely put her to bed. The boy who got drunk and decided that to express his dislike of his sleeping roommates by urinating on them and their possessions . . . Only the last got written up. Because of the “urinating on roommates” bit, not the booze.

    It’s also amazing how absolutely bone-headed some students are about confusing “we won’t go looking for evidence you’re breaking the rules if you’re discrete” with “we’ll ignore you breaking the rules if you do it in our face”. They generally are confused when they get written up for doing something so blatant that it *can’t* be ignored (a group sitting and smoking pot on a balcony in plain view of the surrounding dorms, public walkways, and service access roads. While playing loud music at 3AM. 3 floors above the campus security office that *will* be called to investigate complaints).

    But as stupid as these actions are, most of them could as easily have happened 30 or 40 years ago, at other schools. I don’t remember my contemporaries being quite that blase about consequences, but I’m not sure if it’s a difference in times or in locations: UCSC has always had a reputation as the laid-back party school of the UC system, and some students seen to take that as a mandate.

    By that criterion, is Mondoville any worse?

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