Shocked, Shocked!

At this point, jokes about Detroit are like jokes about airline food. For the Spawn, the city’s name is in her mental thesaurus under “Post-apocalyptic hellscape.” All the same, every time one might think the once-mighty city has augered in as far as it can go, it makes another turn and digs a little deeper.

This brings us to artist Tyree Guyton and his Heidelberg Project, which turns abandoned structures (of which there are several in Detroit — go figure) into art installations, with an eye toward brightening the local streetscape and making things a bit cheerier and kinder for the Godforsaken Morlocks area’s residents. From the project’s FAQ:

The Heidelberg Project is an outdoor community art environment. The elements of the canvas contain recycled materials and found objects, most of which were salvaged from the streets of Detroit. Each work of art is carefully devised to tell a story about current issues plaguing society. As a whole, the HP is symbolic of how many communities in Detroit have become discarded. It asks questions and causes the viewer to think. When you observe the HP, what do you really see? Is it art? Is it junk? Is it telling a story? That’s for you to decide.

Well, it seems that someone decided. Guyton’s installation was torched. Somehow, I’m reminded of a short story called “Antaeus“. And the words of Lord Humungus: “Just. Walk. Away.”


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One Response to Shocked, Shocked!

  1. Jeff says:

    Since Guyton’s work has been dismantled or destroyed by city officials twice before, I’d not bet against the possibility that they had a hand in this, too.

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