“… And Ppppt! You Wuz Gone.”

(Source for title allusion may be found here.)

I wasn’t planning to blog this morning. I had hoped to be teaching a special topics course in 1950s crime fiction, but with only three folks signing up, it failed for undersubscription. I blame this on the fact that my summer courses this year (the one that just failed, and another in the first summer term that may or may not make it) were last-minute additions to the schedule. You see, ordinarily I teach a section of Comp and a survey course during the first summer term. But the schedule is created months in advance, and back then, it was believed that my brother’s trial would be during this period, so “my” summer courses went to someone else.

And then they moved the trial to its current August-September dates. After some scrambling, the administration came up with a couple of courses, with one in the May Term (which started today) and one in Summer I, in a slot where we hope it won’t drain too many kids from the other courses.  Perhaps it’ll make; perhaps not. I’ll know after Memorial Day.

So my summer courses (and the accompanying additional pay) may simply be more casualties of the trial. Financially speaking, it’s a downer, but not a crippling one. There won’t be any holes in my shoes, but those two extra courses were a nice source on extra income. (Is there really such a thing as “extra” income? Don’t we usually find a use for it?)

Having said all that, I know I’m fantastically lucky to have the job I have, and I’m much better off than adjunct faculty, who have to worry about these kinds of things all the time in order to keep up stuff like rent and groceries. Mrs. M and I pro-rate our pay through the summer — we’ll be okay.

And there’s an upside, too, in that this gives me more time for reading/writing/thinking. I banged out a short over the weekend, and maybe I can get back to the novel, once I re-rail my train of thought.

Still, I was looking forward to introducing more folks to David Goodis, Jim Thompson, and Chester Himes.  And that’s the thing a lot of folks don’t get about what I do. I love the stuff I teach, and when you love something, you want to share it with other cool people, and now there’s one less chance to do that. But I’m lucky to do it at all, and with luck, Summer I will bring me enough cool people that I’ll be able to talk about Beowulf, Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Johnson.

I hope so.


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Dad, husband, mostly free individual, medievalist, writer, and drummer. "Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."
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