Purity of Essence

Those kooky right-wingers are at it again, this time in a manner that has become sheer cliche. It seems that by a 3:2 margin, they’ve voted to reject water fluoridation in the crypto-Bircher enclave of…

Portland, Oregon.

Steven Dubois of the AP reports:

Portland’s drinking water already contains naturally occurring fluoride, though not at levels considered to be effective at fighting cavities. Backers of fluoridation say adding more of it to the water is a safe, effective and affordable way to improve the health of low-income children whose parents don’t stress proper nutrition and dental hygiene.

Opponents describe fluoride as a chemical that will ruin the city’s pristine water supply, and they argue that adding it would violate an individual’s right to consent to medication.

Although most Americans drink water treated with fluoride, it has long been a contentious topic. In the 1950s, fluoridation was feared as a Communist plot. Today, people worry that its effect on the body has not been sufficiently examined.

“I don’t want chemicals in my water,” Sarah Lazzaro said after voting Tuesday. “I know that there are really no known health risks with it, but there’s a lot of things we find out later in life really do have health risks.”

When will those benighted science-haters come into the 21st century?

A tip of the Mondo Mortarboard to the folks at Ace’s place.

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1 Response to Purity of Essence

  1. Jack D. Ripper says:

    “Mandrake? Do you know why it is I drink only rainwater, or distilled water? And pure grain alcohol?”

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