How Twigs Get Bent: Klop…

I’ve previously mentioned my love of comics, which I inherited from my dad and passed to the Spawn. My dad would go to the local drugstore each week and buy one of every title in the spinner rack — typically DC and Marvel, with a smattering of Charlton, Harvey, and Gold Key, and the occasional Classics Illustrated for flavor. Since I started reading at about 18 months, I don’t have any childhood memories in which comics weren’t present, and of course, the biographies of Superman, Spidey, Batman, and the Hulk were all just part of my knowledge set, more or less from the word “Go.”

However, one of the stories that has stuck with me over the years didn’t really involve a series character, and I was startled this evening to discover that I read the story for the first time 41 years ago, in the March 1972 House of Mystery. From time to time over the years, it has flashed upon my Wordsworthian inward eye, and has always given me a chuckle. Perhaps one of the reasons it stuck with me was because it was a rare longer story drawn by Sergio Aragones,  a weirdness enhanced by its appearance outside of Mad. I was a little more startled this evening to find that the hero of the story is named Warren, a detail I had forgotten over the decades. Although I remembered the story’s general outlines, I had pretty much given up on seeing it again.

But then I remembered that this is the Internet, and that everything is out there somewhere. Sure enough, thanks to the efforts of the people behind “Diversions of the Groovy Kind“, here’s “The Poster Plague”, drawn by Aragones and written by Steve Skeates. Is it any wonder I was warped?


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