Update from an Old Alma Mater

Not quite two months back, I mentioned that there had been some tension at the school where I had done my first two years of undergrad, and that a significant portion of it revolved around tenure issues. Apparently it’s worse than I thought:

Increasing tensions at Transylvania University have led to a vote of “no confidence” in University President Owen Williams’ leadership by Transy faculty.

Disputed tenure decisions and concerns about management are at the heart of a growing divide on the Transylvania campus. While the faculty voted 68-to-7 to express its dissatisfaction with Williams, the university’s board of trustees has voted to confirm its confidence in the president it selected in 2010.

There was a faculty vote of no confidence (by about the same margin) in a senior administrator a few years ago here in Mondoville. About a year after that, the administrator in question departed, ostensibly to be closer to family. Because I know how poisonous things had become here before that happened, I can only imagine what things are like back in Lexington, and the fact that the trustees seem to disagree with the faculty also bodes ill. I have a great deal of sympathy for the folks at my old school, and I wish them well in getting things sorted out.

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