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IRS = Inevitable Revenge Service

Maybe it just snuck by me over the weekend, but I haven’t seen much reaction at all to an article Dave Weigel posted at Slate a few days back. Weigel observes that we really shouldn’t be surprised that bureaucrats would … Continue reading

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Everything Is Material

The title of this post comes from one of my favorite books, William Goldman’s The Color of Light. It’s a semiautobiographical, semi-soapy story of a writer’s life, but there are characters and lines in it that have remained with me … Continue reading

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On a Wavelength Far From Home

Like a lot of folks my age, I grew up on radio. As a kid in Nashville, I started out with Coyote McCloud on WMAK-AM, and then moved to FM, where I split my time between an AOR station (now … Continue reading

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A Toothsome Update

A while back, I posted about a fundraising drive for dental work for author Trent Zelazny. The drive has concluded, and here’s a post from Trent on Facebook: Thanks to all of you wonderful and amazing people, $14,234 was raised … Continue reading

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Burying the Geek Needle

Seen in Real City today, but I assume Greedo hemmed first. I wondered if it had been a partnership, but finally decided it was a Sew-low operation. OK, I’ll stop now.

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My students, especially on the freshpeep level, tend to be surprised when I tell them that while Wikipedia is frequently a useful way to get general background info on a topic, it isn’t reliable enough to be an acceptable source … Continue reading

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Flying the Freak Flag

I waste a lot of time at The AllMusic Guide, and one of the areas I like to explore is what they call Obscuro. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s unlistenable, and once in a while, it’s both. The idols of … Continue reading

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QotD: Are You Paranoid Enough? Edition

I’d been meaning for a while to talk about the president’s recent commencement address at Ohio State, but enough other people have taken care of that for me. In particular, they’ve taken a look at one particular section of his … Continue reading

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“I’m In Pieces, Bits and Pieces”

… or at least this blog post is. Item: The Spawn is currently reading The Great Gatsby in her English class. She has about as much use for it as I did when I read it 31 years ago, which … Continue reading

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I’ve made no secret of the fact that I think fictional series should typically be laid to rest alongside their creators. But on the other hand, I’ll often break that rule when it comes to bands. I’ve seen Yes a … Continue reading

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