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Three Score and Ten

My dad would have been seventy today. He was actually born about 34 miles from here, and he was amused by the fact that I ended up back in this area. “It’s kind of nice that some of the old … Continue reading

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Purity of Essence

Those kooky right-wingers are at it again, this time in a manner that has become sheer cliche. It seems that by a 3:2 margin, they’ve voted to reject water fluoridation in the crypto-Bircher enclave of… Portland, Oregon. Steven Dubois of … Continue reading

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QotD: Definition Edition

Today’s QotD comes from J.D. Tuccille at Reason, who has observed that some Connecticut pols believe the feds should pay to have Sandy Hook Elementary demolished and rebuilt, because Congress didn’t pass more stringent gun laws in the shooting’s aftermath. … Continue reading

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IRS = Inevitable Revenge Service

Maybe it just snuck by me over the weekend, but I haven’t seen much reaction at all to an article Dave Weigel posted at Slate a few days back. Weigel observes that we really shouldn’t be surprised that bureaucrats would … Continue reading

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Everything Is Material

The title of this post comes from one of my favorite books, William Goldman’s The Color of Light. It’s a semiautobiographical, semi-soapy story of a writer’s life, but there are characters and lines in it that have remained with me … Continue reading

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On a Wavelength Far From Home

Like a lot of folks my age, I grew up on radio. As a kid in Nashville, I started out with Coyote McCloud on WMAK-AM, and then moved to FM, where I split my time between an AOR station (now … Continue reading

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A Toothsome Update

A while back, I posted about a fundraising drive for dental work for author Trent Zelazny. The drive has concluded, and here’s a post from Trent on Facebook: Thanks to all of you wonderful and amazing people, $14,234 was raised … Continue reading

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