QotD: Self-Destruct Edition

James Taranto’s “Best of the Web” feature in the WSJ is a treat to read, even if one doesn’t entirely agree with him. He writes with panache, and there’s usually something for readers to grin about even if they aren’t particularly political. In his way, I think he could be seen as a conservative answer to the Andy Borowitzes and Jon Stewarts of the world.

But that doesn’t mean there’s not some meaty stuff there as well. Today Taranto looks at a news story that discusses the reactions of some folks in Cambridge, MA, to the fact that the Tsarnaev brothers had lived among them, in one of the most politically correct, multicultural settings one might find. From there, Taranto makes a point about a certain bit of multiculti nonsense, and gives us our QotD:

Multiculturalists are no less prone than other human beings to be hostile to out-groups. It’s just that they are willing to accept almost anyone foreign, or otherwise identifiably different, into their in-group. The only out-groups they readily recognize are familiar, domestic ones […]

A more abstract form of this parochialism is the multiculturalists’ frequent insistence that “only white people can be racist.” In this view, racism is perhaps the greatest moral failing of which human beings are capable–but nonwhites are absolved of moral responsibility for their racial prejudices.

But moral responsibility is the essence of humanity. It is what sets Homo sapiens apart from other animals. Assigning moral responsibility to whites while denying it to nonwhites is therefore a way of dehumanizing the latter. Multiculturalism turns out to be a disguised form of white supremacy.

While I’m not a fan of deconstruction, I might be willing to make an exception.


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