A Review and Other Stuff

Author Mike Monson offers a review of Broken Glass Waltzes over at his place. If the spirit should move you after reading his review, you can pick it up in e-reader form for a mere 99 cents as part of Snubnose’s birthday celebration, but don’t worry — dead tree copies may be had as well!

One of the interesting aspects of the film noir class I taught last term was that a couple of my students acknowledged that Robert Mitchum made their little hearts go pitty-pat. I have to admit that he’s one of my favorite actors as well, and I picked up Lee Server’s bio of the man the other day through interlibrary loan. I’ll probably get rolling on it this afternoon.

Mrs. M got some new wheels a couple of days ago — new to us, anyway. This means that the Spawn gets her previous ride (which conveniently enough, is the one in which she is learning to drive), while I fulfill the paternal role of standing pat with the green drum-hauler. However, Mrs. M and I have agreed that the next ride will be:

a) Mine, and

b) a convertible. Although most people think of ragtops as summer cars, that’s really not such a great idea here in Mondoville, where July often feels like one is trying to breathe at the bottom of an enormous bowl of chicken broth. However, to me, that just means that “convertible season” begins in late September and runs into May. I’ll be the one with the top down in the Christmas parade. One day…

Meanwhile, the trial is getting closer, to the point at which I’m no longer thinking of it in months, but in weeks or days. Consequently, I find myself growing increasingly tense and seeking distractions. With luck, the Berries’ album will be out in pretty short order, and I’ll have something new and fun to think and talk about, but I have to admit that the uncertainty of things is sometimes wearying.

Well, lest I devolve into full Larry King mode (“Strawberries… I like ’em. Why does a talented actor like Sidney Poitier always have to play black men? Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania…”), I’ll close for now. Talk to you soon!

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Dad, husband, mostly free individual, medievalist, writer, and drummer. "Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."
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2 Responses to A Review and Other Stuff

  1. Huck says:

    Hey, ProfMondo – Writing to you from lovely Costa Rica, where I’m directing a summer study abroad program for my University. Haven’t visited your blog in a while, but glad to be back. Just wanted to let you know that I bought the e-version of your book some while ago, around when it first came out, and started reading it back then. I had to put it aside to concentrate on end-of-semester workloads, but I’ve got it with me in Costa Rica and will finish it by the time my program is done at the end of July. I love what I’ve read so far (about the first 3 chapters), and am looking forward to reading the rest of it. Peace.

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