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Worthy of Your Attention…

… is this little infographic via The Atlantic discussing how recording artists make (or don’t make) money for their work. A tip of the Mondo Mortarboard to the folks at,, and Noah Holt of Kill Baby… Kill  (via … Continue reading

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QotD: Simplicity Edition

I’ve spent my life in career fields populated by bright folks, and you’ll forgive me if I count myself as being reasonably sharp as well. But of course, there are all sorts of intellects at any point on the spectrum. … Continue reading

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Once More Into the Potpourri, Dear Friends

It’s been a challenging couple of weeks, with several more to go. Hence, the sporadic nature of my posts. But here are a few odds and ends to keep you up to date… ITEM: Went on a bit of a … Continue reading

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Mondoville Beware…

The roads just got a bit less safe. And if all of y’all would be a bit more careful as well, I’d appreciate it. One more thing to worry about…

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Wasn’t Expecting That…

The week has been dispiriting and difficult. However, there are moments of levity. My infant friend Allison dropped by again yesterday, in the company of her mom, and the two ladies hung out at the lunch table with my usual … Continue reading

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A Sunday Afternoon Stomper

Here’s a nice bit of frat-rock from 1964. From Chicago, let’s have a big hand for The Vectors!

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Witness an Experiment

We’re often told that art and literature are meant to move the audience out of daily complacency, to hold a mirror up to life in its complexity, upsetting as that may be. In practice, that has led to artwork that … Continue reading

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S-A, T-U-R, D-A-Y, HEY!

OK, actually the rock and roll shows were yesterday, but I’m writing today, so that counts for something, right? Yesterday started in a most un-rock-and-roll manner, as I visited the eye doctor. I got a note telling the DMV that … Continue reading

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You Raise Your Kids to Do Better than You…

… but it’s still a little irritating when they do it. Here’s a story the Spawn wrote yesterday, and it’s better than my work at age 16. Sigh. Sickness Story by the Spawn It was around two am that it … Continue reading

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Home Again

And I discover that there’s a big deal about this: I’m not sure I get the outrage. After all, the guy is described as “a Monster” in the subhead, so I’m kind of thinking it’s not really a glorification. Now, … Continue reading

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