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S-A, T-U-R, D-A-Y, HEY!

OK, actually the rock and roll shows were yesterday, but I’m writing today, so that counts for something, right? Yesterday started in a most un-rock-and-roll manner, as I visited the eye doctor. I got a note telling the DMV that … Continue reading

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You Raise Your Kids to Do Better than You…

… but it’s still a little irritating when they do it. Here’s a story the Spawn wrote yesterday, and it’s better than my work at age 16. Sigh. Sickness Story by the Spawn It was around two am that it … Continue reading

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Home Again

And I discover that there’s a big deal about this: I’m not sure I get the outrage. After all, the guy is described as “a Monster” in the subhead, so I’m kind of thinking it’s not really a glorification. Now, … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in Mrs. M’s Hometown…

The local news in Lost-In-The-Woods County is that an impromptu meth lab exploded, as they are wont to do. As we’re in a rural area, that isn’t unusual, but the interest factor was enhanced by the lab’s locale: The restroom … Continue reading

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Heading Out…

Clan Mondo is going to Lost-in-the-Woods County for a few days to visit Mrs. M’s family, but the Spawn remains asleep, doubtless dreaming of mastications foregone, and we haven’t even packed yet. In the meantime, I’m also gearing up for … Continue reading

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In Which the Spawn Regrets a Missed Opportunity

The Spawn spent this morning shuttling from the orthodontist to the dentist and back, as she draws near to the end of her adventures in dental improvement. A few minutes ago, she wandered into the living room and said, “You … Continue reading

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Although It Isn’t Unusual…

… for drummers to engage in… um… chemical augmentation, I’m not sure dramamine is the usual choice. That may change, however, if this catches on: A tip of the Mondo Mortarboard to Opie-San, via Facebook.

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