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Goodbye, Mr. Lanier

Anyone who has read my book will recognize how much Blue Öyster Cult’s work has influenced my own habits and taste. I discovered the band (beyond the obvious hits) when I was in tenth grade, when a friend of mine … Continue reading

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I Guess It Keeps Them Off the Streets…

We constantly hear about the horrors of gridlock in DC. Me, I see it as a feature, rather than a bug, but it’s good to know that when the country, nay, the world is faced with a genuine existential threat, … Continue reading

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A Quiet Weekend — Bits and Pieces

I’ve stuck close to Spackle Manor this weekend, sleeping in and listening to music as much as possible. While I was at it, I wrote a 900-word story. I’ve always called those short-shorts, but I understand the kids today call … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, In Greyhawk…

I Am A: Neutral Good Human Wizard/Cleric (4th/3rd Level) Ability Scores: Strength-12 Dexterity-10 Constitution-13 Intelligence-18 Wisdom-14 Charisma-16 Alignment: Neutral Good A neutral good character does the best that a good person can do. He is devoted to helping others. He … Continue reading

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You bet! And if you swing by our label’s home base, you can even buy the whole CD! And, yes, those are my snotty post-teen vocals in the lead. Comments are welcome!

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I Cover the Waterfront… and Also, Not the Waterfront

The first trickles of the slightly mightier trickle that will be this year’s medieval lit job market have begun. I was somewhat amused to find this one in the Chronicle: The Wellesley College English Department invites applications for two tenure-track positions … Continue reading

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Poetry Corner: I Knew Her When Edition

I’ve mentioned before that my route to the professoriate was circuitous. I earned my B.A. as an autodidact, and bluffed my way into the Masters’ program at Kentucky, a school to which I applied because I was in love with … Continue reading

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