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A Moment of Satisfaction

One of my advisees found out this afternoon that she’s had a paper accepted at Kalamazoo — a top conference in our field, and my personal favorite. Congratulations, Ms. O — I’m proud of you. Unfortunately, the trial schedule and … Continue reading

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Late for the Hooded Figures

For several weeks, the Spawn has been hectoring encouraging me to check out a podcasted “radio show” called Welcome to Night Vale. Last night I decided to celebrate my birthday by snuggling up with her and listening to the first three … Continue reading

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Birthday Eve

I got back to Spackle Manor about an hour ago, which means I’ll turn four dozen in my own bed just before 5 tomorrow morning. I’m tired, sad, as contented as I could be with a situation with no possible … Continue reading

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A Milepost

Tonight the jury recommended sentences of life without parole for my brother — one each for the murders of my mother and father. The official sentencing will take place on 12 November at 4 p.m. Thank you for your thoughts … Continue reading

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“And Suddenly, and All at Once, the Rain”

At about 9 this evening, my brother Michael was convicted of the 2009 murders of our parents. I am grateful to the police who solved the crimes, the attorneys who successfully prosecuted the case, and the jurors who vindicated my … Continue reading

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And Now I Sit…

The case went to the jury about 45 minutes ago, so I’m back in my “office” while the waiting game begins. Mrs. M and the Spawn have gone on a run for provisions. I don’t know how late they’ll go … Continue reading

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There’s Raw, There’s Really Raw…

… and then there were the Midnight Raiders. From Osceola, IA, these guys made the Trashmen sound like John Tesh. Here’s their rendition (using rend in the sense of limb-from-limb) of the classic “Steppin’ Stone.” Back to court tomorrow, with … Continue reading

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Mrs. M phoned me about 15 minutes ago as I sat in my “office” here at the justice center. “Did you know your brother is on the stand?” “He is?” “Yeah, the media is reporting it.” I checked, and read the … Continue reading

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Oh, Nothing Much…

Mrs. M testified yesterday, as did my brother’s third ex-wife and most recent ex-girlfriend. The defense started to present their case today, but we’re told we could get to closing statements as soon as Monday afternoon, and the judge still … Continue reading

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Testified Today

Because of a scheduling foul-up, and because I was actually in the building to be called, I spent four hours on the stand today. Mrs. M is scheduled for tomorrow, and I’m told I’ll likely be recalled at a later … Continue reading

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