And Now I Sit…

The case went to the jury about 45 minutes ago, so I’m back in my “office” while the waiting game begins. Mrs. M and the Spawn have gone on a run for provisions. I don’t know how late they’ll go tonight, or if we’ll resume tomorrow.

I sat through both summations, first the defense and then the prosecution, and while I had been warned that there would be crime scene and autopsy photos during the prosecution’s bit, they weren’t as bad as I had feared. (I had seen Mom’s and Dad’s bodies at the funeral home, although we went with closed caskets for the visitation). Even so, when those images were coming up, we were warned, and her mother and I shielded the Spawn from those images.

It was actually harder — for the Spawn and for me — to hear the defense try to portray my father as someone who had snapped and murdered my mother, before forcing my brother to shoot him in self-defense. That wasn’t the father I knew or know, or the grandfather that the Spawn knew or knows as she wept between Mrs. M and me.

We shall see.


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4 Responses to And Now I Sit…

  1. Bill Neagle says:

    Hope it all wraps up quickly and the road to brighter days presents itself even quicker. Thinking and praying for you and yours.

  2. Carrie says:

    Bless her heart! That’s an experience you don’t wish on an adult, so you certainly don’t want to see a child go through it! I know she’s a teenager, but they are/were her grandparents.

  3. wghornsby says:

    God, that is heartbreaking. Hopeful that sooner rather than later she’ll recognize those words for what they really are. Just a sickening defense.

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