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The Mope

Upon entering the Boone County Courthouse, there’s a scaled-down version of a TSA station — a metal detector, baskets for pocket contents, and an X-ray scanner for backpacks, purses, and such. A few days ago, when there wasn’t a line … Continue reading

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When I’m Doing Mike Checks

… with The Berries, I tend not to do the typical “one, two” business. It always sounds moronic to me, and too short as well, leaving me repeating the numbers as if I were in the math group that meets … Continue reading

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Ladies and Gentlemen…

… the human condition.

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Alakazam Three and POOF!

My Facebook feed apparently having noticed my gig in the higher ed racket, I’ve lately been seeing ads for the James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund Essay Contest. It’s open to the children of members of the Teamsters’ Union (of … Continue reading

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Elsewhere in the Courthouse…

My brother’s trial is taking place on the fourth floor of the courthouse, the top floor, so that’s where I spend the bulk of my day. However, the vending machines are on odd-numbered floors, so a few minutes ago I … Continue reading

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From the Isolation Booth

My brother’s trial continues, and I remain in the conference room that I described the other day. Mainly what I do here is listen to music, surf the web, and read (Today I finished an early one from Lawrence Block … Continue reading

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In Which the Spawn Acquires an Admirer

This year as last, the Spawn is in the color guard of Mondoville High’s marching band. Several of the members of the band informed her that a classmate, a young man from the Clarinet section, was (as current parlance goes) … Continue reading

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Adventures in Smut

No, I’m not talking about my novel, although the case could be made. Driving home from the courthouse yesterday evening, I stopped by WalMart to pick up a prescription. Wally World is the dominant tenant of the strip center on … Continue reading

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The Elephant in the Next Room

Opening statements in my brother’s trial began a bit less than two hours ago. Although I had been given reason to believe I might get to watch opening statements, a last-minute motion separated me from the proceedings until either I … Continue reading

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Distracted? So It Would Seem…

Although I’ve now reached my base of operations for the next few weeks, I waited until the ladies were off to school before I headed up here. Consequently, I went through my routine of packing lunch (turkey on wheat, a … Continue reading

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