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In Which A Soap Gets Meta

Mrs. M is a follower of General Hospital, and I happen to be sitting in the living room, so I’m getting a dose of today’s episode. I was somewhat taken aback when two of the characters appeared in Halloween costumes as… … Continue reading

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Halloween Once More

Last night as I went to bed, I switched on the radio (as was the style at the time — the belt onion had already been discarded), and was pleasantly surprised to hear the last thirty minutes of the famous … Continue reading

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QotD: Own Petard Edition

I probably shouldn’t oughta put the boots to him when he’s down, but I can’t help recalling that my dear friend the Mad Dog (and that’s not snark) was quite fond of trotting out press reports that any particular thing … Continue reading

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Extended Players…

One night at a Berries gig, another drummer mentioned that I sit really tall behind the kit — “kind of like Ringo,” he said. While Ringo is a definite influence of mine, a more significant factor is that I’m 6’4″, … Continue reading

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Parody? Tribute? Rip-off? Homage?

I don’t know. But I do know that Burton Cummings of the Guess Who was fond of doing impressions. So from their Wheatfield Soul album, here’s ten minutes of the boys from up North channeling a well known group from L.A. … Continue reading

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In Which the Spawn Overthinks It…

After school today, the Spawn and I were chatting, and the conversation turned to comic characters (as I believe it does in all houses). The subject of Lex Luthor came up. “So Lex Luthor is a billionaire genius, right?” she … Continue reading

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It Can’t Happen Here — Right?

Back in the heady days of discussion over Obamacare (before it became the unmitigated success that we all now recognize), I remember arguing on numerous occasions that health care is not a right, but a commodity. There is a finite … Continue reading

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Because Sometimes You Just Want to Hear Nice Music

If I were asked to pick a track that encapsulates British psych rock, this would be a finalist: ‘Nuff said.

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Travis McGee…

… Call your office. Miss Agnes has had a facelift.     That’s right, kids — it’s a pickup truck. A Rolls. Royce. Pickup. Truck.  

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Here’s Something You Don’t Hear Everyday…

One of the coolest things about my immersion into the world of garage/teenbeat/psychedelic music was that it taught me something that should have occurred to me, but hadn’t. I knew that after the Beatles did the Sullivan show, kids all … Continue reading

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