QotD: Shutdownpalooza

As the chattering classes and their various Amen Corners on Facebook are having conniptions over the fact that gridlock is a feature, not a bug, I find myself taking my usual position that if a partial furlough of self-defined non-essential workers is a big deal, it means that we have trusted far too much of our lives and identities to folks in a distant city who neither know nor particularly care who we are.

I also find myself amused at the narrative that some tiny retinue of rednecks and renegades (stylistic H/T to Safire via Agnew) is inflicting this indescribable anguish on people who want only to look at Pandacams and benefit from the transfer of wealth to people who deserve it by virtue of existing. And that brings us to the QotD, from Ben K. at the Moron HQ:

Who do these Republican[…] Representatives and Senators think they are? A opposition party that was elected to pursue the interests of the 48% of American who voted for them? A party currently in the minority whose job is to retard the President’s agenda and look out for the interests of the sizable American minority?

After all, most of these folks are the same ones who decry the cultural and political overwhelming of other minority voices. No majoritarian tyranny, they proclaim. And again, I’d like to remind everyone that just as I believe government should never be trusted with a power I wouldn’t trust my opponents to wield, I likewise want to remind the currently outraged that one day, they may need the power to gum up the works.


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3 Responses to QotD: Shutdownpalooza

  1. dave.s. says:

    “.. folks in a distant city who neither know nor particularly care who we are…” As a DC fed, let me assure you that I feel I DO know you, and I care for you.

    • profmondo says:

      I appreciate your kind thoughts (and like you as well), and I actually think many-to-most federal folks believe in what they do and believe they serve a greater good. However, I think there’s a general case in play here. I’ll defer to Jay Nordlinger:

      You know my favorite Phil Gramm story, right? (One of them, anyway.) He’s on MacNeil-Lehrer (I believe) with some woman from the education establishment (what Bill Bennett used to call “the Blob”). Gramm says, “My educational policies are based on the fact that I care more about my children than you do.” The woman says, “No, you don’t.” Gramm says, “Okay: What are their names?”

      But as ever, thanks for dropping in — and for your support and concern.

  2. ricki says:

    This shutdown has given me the chance not only to be disgusted with many in my government, but to be disgusted with the attitudes of many of my fellow Americans. It seems there’s a goodly chunk of the populace that thinks “compromise” means “Shut up and do it the way you’re being told to do it, even if you have considerable objections.”

    And again I ask, and no one seems to answer me: If the Affordable Care Act is so wonderful, why did Congress vote to exempt itself from it?

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