“The Value of Warren”

When my mom and dad were murdered in 2009, my dad had been working as the city administrator for Union, where I grew up and where he had served as mayor from 1983 to 2000. He started as administrator part-time, but moved to full-time as the city’s needs and our family’s finances required it — becoming full-time shortly after my brother had lifted significant amounts of cash from my parents’ bank account to support his drug addictions.

Dad’s role in the city’s history has been observed and celebrated by Union. The city building is named for him — its garden is named for Mom. At each meeting since the murders, his administrator’s nameplate is placed where he would sit. I saw it there the last time I visited the building, the day after the verdict.

City Building Sign

Since the murders, the position of city administrator has remained vacant, but the city’s needs have remained, and they are now considering filling the position. That’s only reasonable, and if they go that direction, I wish them success in their search. But even now, I appreciate the love and respect for my dad:

Finding a new administrator is something city officials have been discussing “on and off for a while, since we’ve lost Warren,” Mayor Don Kirby said after the meeting.

He knows it’s difficult, on a day-to-day basis, for him or the commissioners to always respond and go out to residents while city clerk Kathy Porter and administrative assistant Misty Ezell “have to man the office and be here for that.”

When there are issues in the city and things that have to be taken care of during the day, “that was the value of Warren,” Kirby said.

[…]Kirby said there wasn’t a specific reason the city hasn’t moved to fill the vacancy. Initially though, it was because of Moore.

“Since then, it’s probably we just learned to get by without and we just can’t do that anymore because we continue to grow,” he said. “Things aren’t going to slow down for us.”

That’s right, and I know they’ll remember him. But if they need to go on, they should. Dad would have recognized that — and that was part of the value of Warren as well.


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One Response to “The Value of Warren”

  1. Travis says:

    I bet your parents made more of an impact than they could ever have imagined, on even more people than we could possibly fathom. They left behind an awesome legacy.

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