Oof. With an O.

As a public school teacher, Mrs. M’s insurance (which covers the Spawn as well) is the package that goes to state employees.  It’s a BlueCross/BlueShield product (as is my insurance through the college.)

Well, guess what? Our local NBC affiliate reports that state employees (and quite possibly Your Genial Host) are about to get a jolt, to the order of a 41% hike for individual plans and a 32% boost for family plans. How come? Guess.

Hope. Change. Obama.


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6 Responses to Oof. With an O.

  1. Bret says:

    I wonder what’s going on. It appears my insurance will go down over 33%. And I make far too much $ to qualify for subsidies. I’d like to understand what is driving this difference.

  2. profmondo says:

    Beats me, big guy — and you’re one of the few I can call that unironically. I just ran across the story this afternoon.

  3. Les Edgerton says:

    Our insurance in Indiana is predicted to be raised 71%. I’m surprised–I thought it would be much higher…

    On another note, Warren, I’ve been reading your blog ever since we “almost” connected at B-Con for the panel, and I just want to say I’ve become a big, big fan of not only your novels, but of your intellect. Yours is the first thing I read in the ayem. It’s refreshing to witness a writer who not only writes wonderful novels but is blessed with common sense. Thanks!

    Now, I really am bummed that we didn’t get to meet and hang out in Albany.

    Blue skies,

  4. profmondo says:

    Hey, thanks, Les. Feel free to drop in (and speak up) any time!

  5. ricki says:

    Weird. Different state, same insurance carrier here, and the cost for the insured individual increased about 8% this year. (I have no spouse or dependents, so perhaps that’s where the big hit comes).

    My university decided to eat the 8% rather than passing it along to us. Then again, no pay raises again this year, so I guess it’s a wash.

    OTOH, there’s going to be pressure for us to participate in “wellness” programs, and while I’m all for taking care of my health, I feel very ambivalent about being coerced to do things like diet, exercise, and do stress-reduction junk.

  6. Les Edgerton says:

    It’s not weird at all. Each state is different. I’ve always been self-employed and never had anyone provide any benefits whatsoever, including health insurance. I live about 10 miles from Ohio in Indiana and the same Blue Cross plan I paid $600+ for per month was offered in Ohio for just under $300. (Some folks don’t realize Blue Cross isn’t national–it’s by individual state.) Sane individuals proposed that we just eliminate rules for state lines and the costs would lower for just about everyone as we’d all be in the same actuarial pool and not the smaller, state population pool. Too much common sense for that, so voila–Obamacare! Two things (imo) would have resolved the entire thing–get rid of the state regs and allow companies to provide policies on a national basis and then provide a penalty for frivolous law suits. Not outlaw lawsuits–that’s our right–but what’s killing it is frivolous suits where the suer knows the insurance carrier will find it cheaper to settle out of court. If someone filed such a suit and lost, they’d be open to severe penalties. It would allow for legitimate lawsuits and get rid of the quick bucks ones. But… too much common sense at work here…

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