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Because Sometimes You Just Want to Hear Nice Music

If I were asked to pick a track that encapsulates British psych rock, this would be a finalist: ‘Nuff said.

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Travis McGee…

… Call your office. Miss Agnes has had a facelift.     That’s right, kids — it’s a pickup truck. A Rolls. Royce. Pickup. Truck.  

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Here’s Something You Don’t Hear Everyday…

One of the coolest things about my immersion into the world of garage/teenbeat/psychedelic music was that it taught me something that should have occurred to me, but hadn’t. I knew that after the Beatles did the Sullivan show, kids all … Continue reading

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In Which the Prof Has a Flashback…

… to his magazine days.

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Well, We Don’t Mention THIS In the Recruiting Brochures…

One of the darker chapters in the annals of U.S. literary history is the story of William Seabrook. Perhaps his greatest contribution to current popular culture was his 1929 book The Magic Island, which details his visit to Haiti and introduced … Continue reading

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Marching Band, Wallace Stevens, and Warren Zevon

The Spawn’s penultimate season of marching competition concluded today, as the Mondoville High Marching Band finished just outside the top 10 in the semistate contest. The kids tried hard, but it just wasn’t their day. So tonight it was my … Continue reading

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I’m Not Going Anywhere, But…

… if I were on the market, I’d be trying for this particular job opening. I have to acknowledge, however, that a university system with such openings really can’t complain about underfunding. I’d love to read the applications, though: To … Continue reading

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