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Sales Pitches

At The New Criterion, Emory’s Mark Bauerlein offers an essay on the challenges facing the humanities in higher ed these days. The essay is optimistically subtitled “How the humanities can come out on top in the education debate”, and he suggests … Continue reading

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Kindness on a Tuesday Night

As I grew up in the Cincinnati burbs, I was fond of LaRosa’s, a local pizza chain that is part of the fabric of the area. The chain is known for its support of local sports (especially on the high … Continue reading

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A Night With a Chance of Snow

I’m in Northern Kentucky tonight. My brother is about six or seven miles from me right now, in the Boone County Jail. Tomorrow, if the judge follows the jury’s recommendation (which I am told he has always done in the … Continue reading

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“It Happened Long Ago in the New Magic Land”

I’m going to be scrambling around a bit this week; my brother’s final sentencing is tomorrow, and I have some other stuff to tend to as well, so posting may be light. However, I think today is a good day … Continue reading

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A Bit of Stylistics

Doing my morning tour of Facebook, I ran across a site called “I Write Like“. As the title indicates, the site claims to take a chunk of one’s writing and find a well known author whose style resembles yours. So … Continue reading

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A Quick Observation

Remember when the Dixie Chicks were hailed as First Amendment martyrs after facing a backlash for their comments about Bush the Younger? Think the bien pensants are as stoked up for Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood’s musical Obamacare joke? Yeah. Me … Continue reading

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What’s Up In Mondoville?

If you’re interested, my colleague Nick DiLiberto and I’ll be appearing this morning on our local AM radio station at about 9:10-9:15. We’ll be talking books, public readings, and the big doings in the History program (Nick’s bailiwick.) If you … Continue reading

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