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Well, That Was Eventful

2013, that is. I suppose it’s time to do one of those year-in-review things, and while I don’t mean for it to be one of those annoying Christmas letters that move from triumph to triumph, I guess I’ve got reasons … Continue reading

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A Feel-Good Story Returns

Back in January, I blogged about Jon Kitna, a former quarterback for (among others) the Cincinnati Bengals, who had settled into NFL retirement as a math teacher and football coach at the high school he attended in Tacoma, WA. He … Continue reading

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A Surprising Intersection

What do Lawrence Block and garage rock have in common? Well, both were around in the 1960s and have persisted into the present day, and I’m a big fan of both, but the intersection is more specific. Back in the … Continue reading

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QotD: A Week Late Edition

One of the consequences of seeing some things as being outside the purview of the State is that the gap between what is legal/illegal and what is wrong or right is often on display. We’ve seen a number of examples … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas, Everybody

It’s a quarter til six as I sit here with the Hound of the Basketballs on Christmas morning. I’ll probably head back to bed myself in a little bit, but dogs need to go out when they need to go … Continue reading

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Music for A Christmas Eve

Mrs. M is headed to the gym (which closes at noon) and the Spawn is still asleep. I’m in the living room, listening to Skeeter Davis on the “Willie’s Roadhouse” honky-tonk station. When the Spawn wakes up, we’ll wrap Mrs. … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas to Us

Today Mrs. M and I signed a contract on a house that’s even closer to Mondoville College. It’s much larger than Spackle Manor, and the architecture and interior are very mid-century modern, as fits a house built in 1964. Visions … Continue reading

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