A quick observation:

I’m sitting here in my living room watching the Philadelphia-Detroit football game, not because I care for either team, but because of the heavy snow that has turned the game into something that should be narrated by John Facenda.

That’s not necessarily odd in itself. However, I keep thinking “Oh, I’d better be careful going to the store/practice/whatever, because it’s gonna be slippery.” Then I look out my living room window, which is next to the TV, and see everything in the usual South Carolina green.

I haven’t lived in a snowy area in ten years, but old patterns of thought die hard.


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Dad, husband, mostly free individual, medievalist, writer, and drummer. "Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."
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3 Responses to Disconnection

  1. In one of the Scudder novels, it’s late fall, and he’s got Christmas shopping on his mind. I got up from the typewriter—yes, it was that long ago—and tried to figure out what to buy and for whom, and if I had enough time. Then it dawned on me that, whatever month it might be in Scudder’s universe, if was April in mine.

    Not that different a form of dissonance…

  2. Robbo says:

    Heh. Curiously enough, Snow Miser has tracked me down far outside his jurisdiction twice. The first was in San Antonio in the winter of ’84. We got something like a foot and a half of snow. Absolutely shut the place down. Unfortunately, I was bedridden with mono at the time and couldn’t enjoy it. The second was in the winter of ’88 or ’89, when Hilton Head got hit with a pretty decent blizzard. I don’t remember what the snow total was, but I do remember going for a jog around one of the golf courses in the midst of it and wondering to myself what kind of idiot I was.

  3. Kate P says:

    I loved how they had to stop the game for a moment while they shoveled to find the goal line! One of the craziest games I’ve watched in a long time.

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