Taking the Charm Out of “Charm Offensive”

We’ve already established that what Jay Nordlinger calls “safe zones” — areas of life in which one may reasonably expect not to hear about political matters — are thin on the ground and dwindling like a Richard Bachman protagonist. I have previously argued that this is a sign of a totalitarian mindset (which once again, is not necessarily the same as an authoritarian one — a totalitarian needn’t stomp on someone’s head when he can suffocate with an embrace. Totalitarianism is the reduction of everything to the political sphere, the sphere of the business of the State — the episteme of the permanent campaign.)

The creep factor was ratcheted up at Thanksgiving when the Obama flacks at Organizing for America/Action/Anemones/Amboy Dukes said that family gatherings were the ideal setting for propagandizing one’s relatives about Obamacare. This, of course, is after the calls for (temporary, one hopes) inscription of one’s body to pledge allegiance to the presidential agenda.

So what happens at Christmastime? Why, a doubling down on the icky! Now the oafs at OFA are presenting us with this:

Pajama Boy


Apparently, what’s going to tip the balance is the third runner-up in the Johnny Galecki lookalike contest wearing a onesie. (Also, who wears a wristwatch while wearing PJs?)

This is worthy of ridicule — which it is receiving. However, it goes back to my point. The folks at OFA are now becoming the kid at the grocery who never shuts up about the damned plastic ball-and-cup game in the checkout line, becoming ever more repetitive and shrill, to the point that total strangers are considering either buying the damned thing themselves or punching the kid and his oblivious mom. They’re like Jehovah’s Witnesses without the decency to leave you alone after a polite dismissal.

It’s a kind of harasser’s blackmail. “We’re going to talk about this every time our lips move, invading every possible moment of your life, until you finally give in to make the freaking noise stop so you can watch a bowl game in peace.” Put another way, it’s fanaticism and it’s obnoxious. This should not be rewarded.

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