Merry Christmas to Us

Today Mrs. M and I signed a contract on a house that’s even closer to Mondoville College. It’s much larger than Spackle Manor, and the architecture and interior are very mid-century modern, as fits a house built in 1964. Visions of Mad Men decor fill my head, but I suspect Mrs. M will exercise a degree of veto power there, lest I get out of control and turn the living room into a lounge for Pan Am.

Although on first blush it seems odd that we’d make this move only a year or so before the Spawn heads off to college, we’re buying it with at least a thought of family gatherings in future years. It’ll also be nice to have space for guests and entertainment, and I’m already envisioning the occasional end-of-term gathering for small, high-level classes.

At the same time, I’m very deliberately thinking of this as the Last House, however long that may mean. We’ve tried to bloom where we’re planted, and I guess we have. But now it’s time for a bigger pot.

We won’t be transplanted right away, though, as there are a few things we’ll want done before we move in. So Spackle Manor will remain home base for a while, which is fine. Still, it gives us something to which we can look forward in 2014.

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Dad, husband, mostly free individual, medievalist, writer, and drummer. "Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."
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2 Responses to Merry Christmas to Us

  1. Page Turner says:

    Yo, Kahuna! So, how big is the garage? That’s an important consideration for the leader of a garage band! Next on the punch list– the number of conveniently located electrical outlets in the garage…

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