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A Rarely Plowed Furrow

I’ll be teaching the second half of the Brit Lit survey this Spring, and I’ll start with the Romantics (or in Blake’s case, the Proto-Romantics), as is the custom. However, while our anthology contains a bit from Burke, there’s perhaps … Continue reading

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The “Best Of” Times; The “Worst Of” Times

Folks are putting together their “Best Of” lists as the year draws to a close, and I’m pleased and honored to report that Broken Glass Waltzes made it into Mike Monson’s “Best of” for this year. Give him a visit — … Continue reading

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A quick observation: I’m sitting here in my living room watching the Philadelphia-Detroit football game, not because I care for either team, but because of the heavy snow that has turned the game into something that should be narrated by … Continue reading

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An Old Joke and Obsolete Humans

We’ll start with the joke, which apparently goes back to the early days of NASA, but could probably be traced even further: NASA sends a specially trained monkey and a human astronaut on a space shuttle mission. Each time the … Continue reading

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Last night, as Mrs. M and I were watching TV, I saw several bright green flashes in our front yard, accompanied by loud popping noises, of the sort one hears when the cannon crackers go off at a fireworks display. … Continue reading

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A Tradition Continues

For the last few years, our campus pastor has invited members of the College community to write devotionals for Advent. It’s something I’ve enjoyed helping to do, and as I have in years past, I’ll share the ones I’ve written … Continue reading

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Have Yourself A Soul-Crushing Little Christmas

Not quite a year ago, I had a post about the most depressing Christmas Songs ever, in which I nominated Gordon Lightfoot’s “Circle of Steel.” Along the way, I wrote: There’s also someone who claims that there’s a song about … Continue reading

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