Garage Rockers in the News

In May of 1966, just across the county line from where I’d eventually go to high school, Erlanger, KY’s Bad Seeds (not to be confused with their contemporary groups of the same name from Oxnard, CA or Corpus Christi, TX) put out a single on Columbia — a rare major-label break for bands of that ilk. My copy of Teen Beat Mayhem! rates the single’s Byrdsy A-side at a 5/10,

and the B-side a 3.

As it happens, Bad Seeds bassist John Reynolds remains in the area, now residing in Florence, KY, where he has an extensive collection of guitars. From time to time, he shares a peek at his collection with the public, and some of his collection is currently on display at the Boone County Public Library. That’s cool, but I think the two highlights of the article are:

The first guitar [Reynolds] purchased was in the mid-1960s. It was a 1956 Paul Goldtop. He found it at a “hawk shop” in Downtown Cincinnati. It was $300, a hefty price at that time, but “I was in love with it as soon as I saw it,” he said.


[Reynolds] also plans to volunteer with Guitars for Vets, a nonprofit organization that provides a guitar instruction program aimed at giving veterans struggling with post traumatic stress disorder and other emotional distress a unique therapeutic alternative.

Thanks for all of it, Mr. Reynolds, and keep on picking.


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